My two children came home every afternoon and couldn’t stop talking about their day at FunSing. Thank you to you and your staff for the hard work you put into the four days. The concert was amazing. We will be back for another workshop. The children can’t wait.

“My daughter had such a magical experience at the April FunSing Workshop. She is already wanting to book in for the next one. Thank you to all the staff for a wonderful week. It has helped her self confidence.”

“Our children had such a wonderful time at Funsing. Thank you so much for making it such a fun experience for them and all the extra work it took to put the workshop on during COVID.”

“Your team has done a wonderful job in putting together this program under COVID restrictions my daughter enjoyed every minute of it. Our family enjoyed watching the video and hope that it will be on offer for future workshops. it is a lovely keepsake to have of our children’s performances”.

My child likes to play alot of sport, but I must admit that it was nice to see him as excited about something like Funsing which is a credit to yourself and the teachers. He has already asked when the next workshop will be one, as he cant wait to go back”

“We are very grateful to be able to watch the production of the FunSing workshop, since COVID regulations, would not let us attend and watch our children perform. Thank you and your staff for putting on such a fun, creative, energetic and professional experience for us to watch over and over again. We cant wait for the next one”

“Funsing was amazing, I learnt lots of things and not just any things. Things that I will use later on. I loved drama, I liked doing a solo in my singing performance, and dancing was great. The teachers were the ones behind all this so i’d like to thank them all, see you next time.”

“Thank you for a wonderful holiday workshop. So fun and well organised. We just loved seeing our daughter smile and enjoy being on stage. You are an amazing group of people and we can’t thank you enough. See you next time.”


“My son loves the workshops and we have seen such a change in him over the past 12 months as the workshops have given him an enormous amount of confidence. I firmly believe that he would not have applied for school captain or for the TOM team had he not attended the Funsing workshops. He also now talks of writing plays and shows an interest in using his creative ability behind the scenes in theatre. We are very excited at the seeds you have planted for him at the workshops.”


“A huge thank you to you and your Funsing staff for a wonderful week for our son and a very impressive concert last Friday night. He was in Group 2 and it was his first time attending Funsing and any drama/singing/dance workshop or class. He had a fantastic time and talked about the workshop and his new friends all week. It has given him a real confidence boost.”


“Thank you so much for putting on a wonderful show tonight. Our daughters absolutely loved the workshop and also met some lovely new friends. The girls can’t wait for the next one.”

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