Beauty and the Beast Absolutely Fantastic

The recent Beauty and the Beast production at Ballina Players was great. “Everyone associated with the show should be very proud of what you have achieved.  It really was high quality” said FunSing Director, Kim Hernage.

How great are our youth!  There were so many stand out performances on the stage and the young band produced some of the best music to come from the Players’ pit … and what about the quality of the costumes … five star!

“To Director, Jacquie McCalman and your team, you are deserving of every credit that has come your way.  Good people who give their all to a good cause can achieve great things … and that is what you did” said Kim.

FunSing’s connection with youth productions has been strong for many years and it looks forward to the next one, Kim added.


January 25, 2019

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