A New Stage for FunSing

The end of the recent July Workshop was a landmark moment for FunSing.  Since its creation in 2009, FunSing has been Kim Hernage and Kim Hernage has been FunSing!

Kim has decided that it is time for someone else to take over from her.  After 33 workshops the July workshop was her last.

“Well this is my last time as Director of a FunSing workshop” Kim told the packed audience at the Ballina Players theatre. “Although I might be feeling somewhat sad and will miss the close association with so many beautiful kids and families, my memories of hundreds of special moments will always be with me” Kim said.

“My husband Paul and I have really loved creating, developing and delivering FunSing and having a close association with so many wonderful children, youth and their families” Kim added.

Kim announced that Kristen Lodge will be taking over from her as FunSing Director at the September/October holidays workshop. “She is a talented actress, experienced manager and an author of published children’s books” Kim said.  “She is really very passionate about what FunSing represents and her appropriate skills and strong feelings will place FunSing in capable hands” Kim added.

Kristen has asked Kim to be present at the next workshop and she will be there one last time and hopes to be able to say a warm and personal thankyou to so many FunSing supporters then.


August 5, 2019

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